Toronto Mandarin MS. Walk

Below is the link to Re-Max Ultimate Realty Team page where you can go to join our team and make a donation. Please note that Re/Max Ultimate Realty Inc. will be giving a complementary T-shirt for the first 100 registrants on May 3rd.   

Toronto Mandarin MS Walk: Re/Max Ultimate Realty - MS Walk 

Instructions on how to join the team:

1)      Click the link above

2)      On the right hand side of the page select “Join Team”

3)      Select “Join as a new participant”

4)      Select your fundraising goal and tan hit “Next Step”

5)      Follow the steps on the next page to enter your Name, Address, Username, Password and the Additional Information

6)      Follow the steps on the next pages to Agree to the Terms and Confirm your Registration

7)      Log into your Participant Centre to begin your fundraising!


Instructions on how to make a donation:

1)      Click the link above

2)      Select a member of the team from the Team Roster that you would like to donate to
        (All donations need to be made to an individual participant)

3)      Once you have selected someone from the Team Roster select “Donate Now” from the right hand side of the screen

4)      Follow the instructions on the page to enter the Donation Amount, the Billing Information and your Payment Information then select “Next”

5)      Review the donation details and select “Process”


If you want to make a donation but would prefer to do it by cash or cheque. Please fill out the attached pledge form and bring the money with you on the day of the event.  In order for your name to be added to our team please fax the pledge sheet to the number bellow or call me in order to add your name to our team.


See you on:

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Location: Downsview Park, 35 Carl Hall Road (Keel & Sheppard)

Map of the location:

Check-in Time: 9:30 AM
Start Time: 11:00 AM 
Route Length(s): 5 K 

Bayview Bayview